Breakfast in Unison

Recognizing and celebrating Breakfast Champions!

For the fourth National edition of Breakfast in Unison, the Club would like to acknowledge the exemplary dedication of all those involved in the breakfast programs, including all schools, community partners and volunteers. Your commitment to the well-being of students is an essential contribution to the advancement of our mission. 

Breakfast Club applauds your actions, big and small. From the bottom of our heart, thank you!  

See the video of Judith Barry, Co-Founder and Director, Government Relations at Breakfast Club of Canada.

Organize your Breakfast in Unison!

Year-round recognition.

It’s important to recognize the people behind your breakfast programs every morning. Learn more about how the Club can help you host a special breakfast in recognition of their commitment between now and the end of the school year. Host a Breakfast in Unison at your school and join programs across the country to create a wave of recognition! We wish you and your team all the best and we invite you to share photos of this special moment!